Since hitting the airwaves in 2002, the pop/hip-hop duo Nik & Jay have forever altered the landscape of the Danish music industry, pushing the envelope with every song written and album released.

The duo have won several Music Awards, have had 19 major hit singles in a row and have dominated sales charts, airplay charts and club charts for the past decade. Nik & Jay have put out four acclaimed albums with the legendary producer team, Jon & Jules, with whom they own the production company and label Nexus Music Ltd.Their first two albums, Nik & Jay (2002) and Nik & Jay 2 (2004), both achieved double platinum status, while Fresh: Fri: Fly (2006) achieved triple platinum status. Their latest album, "Engle Eller Dæmoner", featured the No.1 single "Mod Solnedgangen" and is certified double platinum. Between their undeniably catchy songs like "Hot!", "Boing!", and "I Love Ya," their provoking ballads, thoughtful lyrics and overwhelming widespread popularity, Nik & Jay arehuge modern day pop stars.

They bring their compelling lyrics and heart-pounding beats to life, whether performing in a small club in front of 800 people, or in front of 60,000 fans each year at different music festivals. In addition to being talented artists, performers, writers and producers, Nik and Jay are trendsetters in every sense of the word, provoking buzz in both the music and a fashion worlds.

Nik & Jay have sold more than 1 million albums and singles here in Denmark and are still ten years into their career the leading Danish pop act.